But they let them
all go. So ones the chef(s) were out the door, who maintains it?
It's not exactly a status quo situation. It was treated in house as,
well we have the peering so why do we need all these pain in the butt
expensive guys?

We could use another one or two of these expensive guys... Send them my way.

Do you think this will hurt them and their other peers? I know L3 has been
trimming peers down and if they are filling up their pipes now might cause

Well I believe some are doing consulting. And expensive is relative. I think their multimillion investment with worth more then a couple of guys salaries.

Different peers want to see different things. Some want balanced traffic, certain traffic levels, number of locations etc etc. Many of the big companies have been trimming. Guess it comes with trimming the trees. It really started with Sprint again and just kept going.

A lot of people could jump in here with their peering philosophies. Bottem line it's part experience, part trust, part engineering knowledge and part cowboy poker player... we may all not want to admit that.... but it's a little of all of the above.