I seem to remember reading some stuff about Cogent on NANOG a short while
back, but I can't find it in cctec's archive. So my question is this:
Cogent is advertising 100M for $1000 a month by bringing their own fiber
into facilities. Does anyone have experience with Cogent? Can anyone
tell me things like do they meet their install deadlines, is there anything
peculiar about their network, etc.



  I can tell you that right now they only have 1 router functional, and it's
on a OC12 from abovenet. Also, their noc number still goes to a guy name'd
Chris's voicemail. They have space in mae-east-atm, aads atm, dallas and I
believe PAIX reserved, but not as yet live. Basic take on Cogent business
model is "Very efficient method for passing VC funding to fiber companies".
No live clients yet so no info available on service quality/performance.

If any one has more info or corrections please share..