Cogent outage details?

am receiving word that Cogent has been the victim of "hardware
problems on our backbone causing latency and packet loss to customers
on the east coast". I did manage to get a master ticket number
(608503), but I'm curious if anybody out there (perhaps an actual
Cogent customer) has more details - backhoe? operator error?
evaporating subatomic black hole?

Just saw an ETR of 11:00AM EDT from


They have been updating that ETR every 40 minutes. The first ETR was supposed to be 9:30.


Mills, Charles wrote:

It still says 11:00am

*looks at watch*

Matt Liotta wrote:

could you possibly be looking at cached data? I see no current problems
listed at (last updated at 11:10 EDT)

-Jim P.

My Gig-E Cogent link (Tyco Rd, Vienna Virginia) seems to be fine now. There was scheduled maintenance 3:00 AM - 7:00 AM, followed by a lot of ~ 5 second drops of packet transit. Haven't had any issues since ~ 9:00 AM EDT.