Cogent latency / congestion

Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 19:17:21 -0400
From: Deepak Jain <>

> If someone sabotages a rail to stop a train and the derailment takes out
> the fiber that is buried in the right-of-way, is that unintentional
> sabotage? At least of the fiber?

That's not sabotage at all.

As it relates to the fiber, its not "deliberately and maliciously
destroying [fiber]"... unless the goal was to cause a derailment which
hurt the train operator both from the operation of the train and
subsequent revenues they might lose from fiber operations along the same
right-of-way -- then *that* would be sabotage.

In the case you outlined above, barring other motivations, the fiber
would be "collateral damage".

That said, Cogent's page says nothing about sabotage
( and I can't find the reference on teliasonera's
page.... Link please?

Too many people missed the emoticon. Clearly the fiber damage in the
case I gave was collateral damage. It would have been sabotage on the
rail line and the derailed train.