Cogent issues in Chicago?

Anyone noticing major Cogent routing issues in Chicago? Just lost connectivity from several locations to their equipment on La Salle St.


Master ticket: 661464. Something went fubar after bos <-> ord maintenance.
One of the ord core routers stopped responding, we were getting a full table
(234k) from one core, and only half (~115k) from another.

I think the issue's been cleared, but we're still awaiting for the
official/semi official RFO. Of course, nothing is at
during the event, but the following appeared after the event:

"Welcome to Cogent Communications. Network Status Message. Today is 11/17/07
at 12:30am. At this time, some customers may experience latency and packet
loss on the Cogent backbone in the Chicago area. This is being caused by
backbone maintenance which caused some routing anomolies. The Estimated Time
to Repair is 30 minutes"

-Basil @ CIFNet

Yeah, we lost connectivity as well, i believe that they were doing
maintenance; like they always do. Looks like everything is back up
now though.