Cogent for ISP bandwidth

+1 for cogent, problem free and good responsive support.

Not sure why "don't use only 1 upstream if you care about accessibility" has anything to do with cogent specifically. Are peering/de-peering disputes more likely to occur than all other network/routing issues combined? its just another possible cause for an outage.

I'm most likely wrong, but doesn't Cogent basically just a lease dark fiber/wavelengths from Level3's for the majority of their POP connectivity?

I know they have purchased some assets in the past but I'm under the impression they're highly levered to L3.

Wont they eventually run into a squeeze (possibly man made and intentional) which will force their pricing to go up?

Although, I suppose folks have been saying that the pricing isn't sustainable since Cogent began.

This is likely off-topic for this particular thread but has anyone seen any evidence yet of issues resulting from the L3/Global Crossing merger as far as pricing?