Cogent emails

Is anyone starting to get the “cogent emails” again?

Yes, every week


We gave in and just bought a small amount of transit from them. The sales
emails stopped. Seems to be about the only effective method.


The question is if they are back to contacting the names on whois or they magically found our emails “another way” and they have plausible deniability.

I tell them to hit me up once they have direct peering with

Haven’t heard from them since.


We started getting emails the moment we got our own AS (earlier this year).

I manage three networks. All three have transit from Cogent. I get assaulted non-stop by Cogent sales reps.

All I did was express interest a few years ago and ever since then they’ve called and emailed me pretty regularly. Just got one yesterday. I’m probably on the fourth sales guy now since I first asked.

Ryan Wilkins

i get 50 times as many emails bitching about cogent spam as i get cogent
spam. and my spam filter is trained to take care of the latter.


Aha! You're the reason they don't stop! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes yesterday, it’s so annoying. I’ve already told them many times that I’m not interested.

My reply to Cogent sales reps is usually something along the lines of
"We have a corporate policy of only taking connections from providers
that can give us a full Internet connection."

They get defensive when I point out that they have large holes in
their IPv6 routing table, but it usually gets them to go away for a

Reminder: forwarding these sorts of things (with full headers please) to:

will cause them to be compiled into a list.


Why not a address?

Is this simply being aggregated by a NANOG member / subscriber and thus something unofficial?

That's exactly right. Whether NANOG itself ever wants to do anything
with the results is entirely up to them.


geeks@nanog works just fine :sunglasses:

Yes, it works just fine for *that* purpose. However, *this* has a
different purpose:

  Shining a light on ambulance chasers - Noction


Yes! I’ve CCed my replies to ARIN compliance :slight_smile: