Cogent depeers ESnet

> internet connectivity, and that much $ is at stake, you're stupid if you

don't have some redundancy. Nothing works all the time forever.

I can't consider Cogent even a redundant link, since I need two other
upstreams to reach the Internet redundantly.

This is the same case I face with level3 today. I have about 5 upstream
isp's and level3 is the only one that does not have a "full ipv6 table" and
therefore sites where level3 is one of the 2 upstreams are not redundant.

I have calls into my account team, the response they gave me was laughable.
.... something about how only 0.3% of the internet uses ipv6.

Escalating .... if you can, it might be an opportune time for other level3
customers consider an escalation.

Their lack of a full table contributes to the aaaa breakage / risk. This is
not acceptable. Buying from cogent is its own reward, level3 should not be a
service risk in itself.