Cogent Communications

Does anyone have a NOC/SOC contact for Cogent? I found a improperly
secured router on the Internet and I'd like to report it.

Thank you,
Brandon Vincent

As a Cogent customer, I'm sure I can get you in touch with someone. Have you tried emailing ? If not, email me off list and I'll find someone you can speak to.

- Jason

As a Cogent customer, I say ‘good luck’

Last time I called them on a Friday night, it was because they announcing (not originating but bad nevertheless) the IPv6 default route. The NOC “engineer” I spoke with adamantly insisted that there was nothing wrong with this. After about a half hour I gave up. The next morning, another tech, wanted an error message or a route as an example. It wasn’t until Monday morning that they blocked the route.

All I know is that when our contract is up, I can assure you, we won’t make the same mistake twice.

I'm tempted to say that forwarding it is even worse than originating it,
because it proves they weren't sanity checking what somebody else gave them...