Cogent BGP session more than 1 router ipv6

I am trying to get our Cogent rep to give us a /124 to peer on a Cogent circuit with. We have multipl routers we want to peer to a cogent transit circuit with.on.

Does anyone have the magic words or a circuit ID example you are doing multiple BGP conenctions on a single circuit?

Justin Wilson

Cogent stopped offering anything larger than a /31 IPv4 and /127 IPv6 on new DIA circuits earlier this year, when previously they provided a /29 IPv4 and /112 IPv6 without issue at no additional cost. Now they expect you to pay additional for this functionality, including for redundant sessions. Unfortunately I have not heard of any success stories for people getting around this as of yet. YMMV

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Peter Potvin

Also related to Cogent and v6… I recall having Google v6 DNS reachability issue through Cogent previously… is that still a problem?


It’s Cogent, what do you expect?

Friends don’t let friends use Cogent.


From what I recall both HE and Google over v6 are not accessible via Cogent

That was resolved a couple years back I believe, I’m receiving Google’s IPv6 DNS prefix (2001:4860::/32) from Cogent currently but it goes via 6453 before entering 15169’s network.

Cool, I’ll give it a look, thanks


We were able to get a /28 from cogent for peering on ipv4. I believe we are paying for this, but our rep is not getting the concept of it in ipv6. He says he can only order a /127 or /48. I don’t mind paying. I

Justin Wilson

That doesn’t even make any sense. IPv4 is a contended resource, but IPv6 is not. They’re already double-dipping by charging for the extra BGP sessions.

Perhaps, is the issue that what customers are paying for is the ability to have multiple BGP sessions against a wider address scope than standard p2p toward the same Cogent edge router, rather than just paying for the wider address scope space itself? In other words; p2p BGPv6 session = free; p2mp BGPv6 session = $$. Mark.

We’ve had success with multiple VLAN tagged handoffs/BGP sessions w/ Cogent with various customers of ours in similar scenarios.
Perhaps you can ask for multiple VLANs each with a /31 + /127 + BGP sessions.