CNN - Justice seeks $1 million a day contempt fine against Microsoft - October 20, 1997

mae-west1#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Thank God that CISCO's IOS doesn't understand that request and try to load
the target as a config file! :slight_smile:

It would have been rather funny if it had :slight_smile:

Karl Denninger wrote:

Yes, Randy; I'd love to configure my router to drop packets from
Microsoft-running hosts, too... but I don't think that will do it.

-- jra

Not remotely.

The NANOG mailing list connected a community of people who are involved
in one way or another with the operations of public and private IP
networsk in North America. The target topic on the list is operational
issues, and some members have tighter filters on this than others.

Randy Bush's are likely the tightest.

The customary snide response to a posting to the list which someone
considers to be too far off topic is "how do I configure my router for
that?" Randy's posting was a clever, if somewhat obscure, allusion to
that. I simply took the thought to it's logical conclusion -- but
Microsoft _isn't_ real popular with many technical people, for reasons
which aren't that difficult to research.


Journalists: always check with someone before sourcing anything from
this mailing list.

Members: always remember, the press is listening.

-- jra