CNN broadcasting online free? Hogging my bandwidth...

I noticed my bandwidth graphs were a little out of whack tonight and after
much digging through pcap files I found that my chrome tab with ''
had a live stream of cnn playing on the right side halfway down.

It seems this started around 8am this morning and it was a macromedia tcp
flash stream on port 1935.

Did they decide to give free CNN to everyone today? Or is this a goof?
Either way it chewed up a lot of my bandwidth which doesn't come cheap
here in Canada, eh?

Also, sometimes it says:

Watch CNN will resume momentarily

on the feed but it's still pushing traffic. What a pain!

Turning off the 'free' Piers Morgan feed now...

- Zachary

Wait until they throw some OctoShape P2P streaming video at you...


I'm seeing the same thing, too, but it appears to be accompanying audio.

-- Nathan