CNAME issue

Hi All,
One of our customer having the following requirement.

There is a domain ( zone file created , A records are pointed ).
He has another domain He want us to create a separate zone file
for " " & should be the CNAME of it. ( No "A" records
mentioned )

I'm bit confuse about adding this in zone file. Can any one help ? :frowning:

This is really the wrong list to be asking for help with basic DNS.

What you've described as what your customer wants is not possible.
Google: cname and other data
to learn why.

short answer: can't be done

You cannot have a cname and 'other' information for same entry. As a zone requires an SOA record, you cannot have a CNAME for the entire domain (theoretically a registrar could do it in .com, but afaik nobody does his).

Depending on customer's requirements, can put in a wildcard * in cname

Or can load the same zone file for both and, so in both, mail<domain> goes to the same place

Confused :frowning:

    Do your customer want: pointing to the same IP as

    without having to manage