Clue's for Clue-less

Martin, Christian wrote:

Poor filtering practices. As filter-lists grow in size and complexity,
and the AS lists grow, there is the potential for leaks. All it takes
is for and inexperienced/tired/clueless operator to turn up a T1 session
with a multihomed downstream peer, and neglect the filter-list on their
inbound updates. Then, considering that any other peer that advertises
an AS that is two hops away has the same preference configured all the
way through, we're talking router ID here. The OC3 session that is
prefered doesn't see the routes, but they are coming in from other
places, including the T1. bgp always-compare-med can help, but not
everyone uses it. This can be bad.

What would be helpful, of course, is a series of FAQs that pretty much
detail various config options for different-type setups. Freeman's
stuff is a start.