Clueful FIDO contacts

It is not strictly netops but I am hoping someone in nanog-land can assist me. I am receiving bad callerID information (I get the BTN) from FIDO or FIDO's upstream. My SIP providers claim they are receiving the bad callerID from their upstreams. Though everyone I am a customer of agrees that it isn't their problem and that it's FIDO's they are all unwilling or unable to assist me in contacting FIDO.

If anyone has a contact or a NOC number that you could contact me off-list i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, Robin

Why is the BTN (billing top number) bad? That's a legitimate answer.


Should have been more specific I suppose, I believe I'm receiving the BTN of the trunk FIDO is delivering the calls to other carriers on. No the BTN of the subscriber (this is a mobile phone network)


Martin Hannigan wrote: