Clueful DNS Contact at XO?

We have some Direct Internet Access (DIA) through XO. We have several
netblocks with them and would like to get the IN-ADDR.ARPA domains
for these blocks delegated to us. Should be just a couple of NS records
in the parent zone, right? No big deal, right?

After several attempts over years and months to get this done, I'm
appealling for an out-of-band source. All DNS stuff is handled through
the Web Hosting end of the house, but we have no web hosting accounts,
only DIA. Plus, our DIA account dates far enough back (to Concentric days),
that the DNS servers that do secondary for some of our forward zones
aren't even ones that the web hosting people run. (Not that this really
should have anything to do with IN-ADDR.ARPA zones, but try explaining
that to the phone droid.) This all causes much confusion, and I never
seem to get anywhere.

It would be really super-duper cool if we could even get RFC2317-style
delegation for some /27's we also have, but I was always afraid I'd hear
the *pop* of the head on the other end of the phone exploding if I
brought that up.

Well, if you have an AS (and as you're on nanog it is a reasonably
fair bet you have one) you could just get onto the inoc-dba phone
network has
eight inoc-dba phone numbers listed for XO.