Clue on Europe

Hi all,

Plan to set up a 2 rack outpost in a colo in Europe. I am looking for
prior experience(s) -- Good or ugly.

My research leads me to believe that London and Amsterdam have the
most dense connectivity. Is this true ?

If so, then what colo's / ISPs in these 2 cities would you recommend.
The primary aim is to get smallest RTTs to most of western Europe.

- I would prefer a carrier neutral facility.
- Backhaul to the US is a lesser concern but, of course, cheaper is better.
- I have a small setup in the Isle of Dogs (London) presently, but the
local loop charges are atrocious.
- I am posting here instead of Euronog because I want to get US based

Will summarize to list,
Thanks !

Tuesday, March 8, 2005, 3:34:07 AM, Ashe Canvar wrote:

Plan to set up a 2 rack outpost in a colo in Europe. I am looking for
prior experience(s) -- Good or ugly.

Avoid Redbux Hex (London) like the plague, just ask about their
recent power outages. AFAIK their other facilities are ok.

The two best colo folks in the UK are good colo in london and manchester good colo in london

Colin Johnston hub network ops

I think that's a bit unfair. I've had my personal Internet connectivity
(copper line and baseband modems) via RedBus and Harbour Exchange for
four years now, and have no particular complaints. Something went
wrong during a generator test or seomthing last week, but considering
what I've experienced in other facilities, I don't think this colo is
notably better or worse than most other colos; at least, I know several
others that have a much worse history.

Trouble is, things come and go. Expect problems during run-in and
build-out, then a period of stability, then problems as places fill up and
capacities max out; rinse; repeat. Is there any colo that doesn't come
with its own set of horror stories and folklore? Ask me about what
legendary MFS did to a router of mine at equally legendary MAE-West.-)


  -- Per

You may also want to consider Frankfurt (InterXion == Equinix partner, TeleCity, Redbus, ... ) as this is more central in western Europe. Connectivity is as good as in London or Amsterdam.


I'd say London has the most dense connectivity because just about every
transatlantic circuit goes through London. However, this factor may
not be relevant if you are trying to set up an "outpost from the US",
because you perhaps don't much care about connectivity to the US.

Frankfurt has good connectivity too (probably less good than
Ams & Lon), but staff in London and Amsterdam speak English (yes,
the guys from NL speak English just about as well as the English)
which is probably an advantage unless you are German speaking.

There used to be some pan-European networks that unbelievably had no
node or no interconnection in London (EBONE fell into this camp for
a long while).

There is probably more choice of decent colo in London than in AMS or
Frankfurt. At least in the UK, intrabuilding local loop charges in the Isle
of Dogs should be the cost of putting in a wire, and then maintaining a
wiring plan. Interbuilding local loop costs should be fine so long as you
don't buy from BT (unless you buy LES circuits - 100Mb/s ethernet on dark
fiber, which are reasonably priced). If it's not like that, go elsewhere
(Telehouse has some bizarre policies on this).

People you might want to talk to in London:
* Redbus (HEX has had power problems and is completely packed anyway,
  but Meridian Gate which is their newer facility is fine AFAIK).
* Telecity (make sure you get HEX not Bonnington house - different power
  from above). Helpful and price competitive.
* XchangePoint - will do you relatively cheap inter building interconnect,
  peering, will help you find decent colo, and have helped out quite a
  few people from the US who've had similar requirements. Don't know if
  things have changed after their recent acquisition.

Disclaimer: I used to have connections with 2 of the above but haven't
for >1 yr now. There are plenty of others, too.