CLS to CLS Latency info

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I have been searching for CLS (Cable Landing Station) to CLS latency infirnation for submarine cables. I was able to identify only a handful of them via sales catalogs. I am still missing like 320~ systems, does wnyone have this info available?

If i can’t find the data, i am going to formulate from lentgh of fiber diveded by speed of light on fibre (~ +- resistance) but I really would prefer actual ping :wink:

This is for project. Thank you in advance!


I’d be astonished if they varied much from lightspeed.


Agreed. Actual ping would not work, if we're talking about unixy
system sending ping. Active devices increase latency in single digit
microsecond, the host latency is much much higher, so the ping results
would largely measure your host latency variation. You'd need NIC with
hardware timestamping to get anything useful. I don't think we have
unixy 'ping' tool which uses that? Even though typical server NIC
today does do that, unfortunately SR-IOV does not expose it to guests,
so guests would need direct NIC access to utilise it.

The speed of light through fiber is about 2/3 the speed of light through a vacuum. This is why HFT prefers microwave over fiber when it comes to latency.

We are going to be making the data available soon at - we are going to be able to make it so people can self upload/manage the information so we are able to crowdsource the info.

here is the latest screenshots from networkatlas :wink:

if anyone wants to demo the beta, please let me know and i can share the link privately (i am trying to not do it here because it’s running on a small infrastructure now and don’t want to crash it;)

For the SEACOM cable system, you're welcome to use:

The CLS-to-CLS numbers are live, so they are accurate.