Cloudflare OCTO RPKI Validator - LACNIC CAs issues

Does anybody else have problems with Cloudflare’s RPKI Validator with prefixes from LACNIC?

Customers were sending us some reports of issues with LACNIC’s IPBlocks using Cloudflare RPKI as source of validation.

A friend and I did some checks. And looks like that some issue is happening on the Lacnic Trust Anchor, specifically on OctoRPKI.
We took the Registro.Br Prefix to do the tests -> -> AS22548

-> On Cloudflare
AS22548_200.160.0.0/20 is Unknown at 19:30 20201-04-22

-> On Ripe
AS22548_200.160.0.0/20 is Valid at 19:30 20201-04-22

An interesting thing is that on the graph of ROAs over Timer of the Lacnic Trust Anchor shows a big drop on 20201/04/19.
“Volume Removed: 14.761”
“ROAs Removed: 13.392”

Any idea of possible causes?
Any suggestions on how to solve it?

Hi Douglas,
Not sure about dip in their rpki monitoring page for lacnic, but I could see the VRP here

The daily snapshot taken at 23:47 22-04-2021 using shows the prefix.

cloudflare# grep 2021-04-22-2347-UTC

Something was done to correct this…

The result that I checked yesterday (2021/04/22) was saying Unknow.

Today(2021-04-23) the result is saying Valid.

In the next image/link we can see a huge grow on the graph of LACNIC TrustAnchor at CloudFlare Validator.

I Would like to know if what corrected this was done on LACNIC side, or OCTORPKI side.