Cloud networking technologies landscape

Hi experts,

I’d appreciate some help on my research in networking technologies that public cloud providers are using today and maybe in the future too.

What I can see today is more or less a mix of classic SP/DC routing/switching technologies like BGP, MPLS, SR, EVPN, RIFT, Open Fabric, SFC, GBP.

Minor stuff is happening in the application/networking orchestration space ‘services to services’ mesh, Application based routing/Load balancing/ADC.

Maybe some clouds are trying to make sense out of disaggregation, whiteboxes and their stack, specially for the data plane components (IOVisor, FD.IO, vRouter, OVS…etc).

There are also some zero touch provisioning/automation/modeling work (Netconf, YANG, ZTP, iPXE…etc).

Lastly, (gRPC, gRIBI, gNPI…etc) and provider specific one (RIB and FIB APIs).

Am i missing anything obvious from this landscape ?

It’d be great if someone can directly message me to have a short conversation.

Best regards,