cloud backup

i backup using arq on macos catalina. on two macs, i need maybe 3-4tb
max. google seems to be $100/mo for 20tb (big jump from $100/yr for
2tb). backblaze b2 looks more like $20/mo for 4tb ($0.005/gb/mo).
anyone else done a similar analysis?


I’ve used Backblaze Backup (not b2 - for years across multiple Macs and multiple restores. It’s always worked flawlessly for me.

I’ve eyed Wasabi recently that David mentioned, but haven’t tested in out yet.

AWS S3 infrequent access is $40/month. If it's really archival backup AWS has glacier which is less than $20/month, but it's name gives you an idea of what it is.


how much does a full restore cost with these options?


I recently read about a way to get unlimited Google storage for $12 per month. Yes, really unlimited. I haven’t tried it, but my understanding is that it is based on 5 user or less GSuite account and they don’t enforce storage limits. If you have .edu email you may be able to get 100% free. Sorry, I can’t find the link now but it was discussed on reddit somewhere.

Brandon Svec

Did I miss something? Is this list now the newbie product questions list?

Questions are asked here because of the variety of expertise that there is here. I personally have gained a lot from the side lines seeing questions and responses to items not directly related to bytes traveling over a wire.

The other issue with Glacier is that you have to keep old versions around for (IIRC) 6 months to avoid being charged extra, which can really add up for weekly backups or what-have-you.

I'm looking at a switch from AWS to B2 myself. I use Backblaze's desktop product on a Windows machine and love it.

Another possibility for sync similar to Google Drive is Jottacloud. Haven't tried it myself, but it looks very competitive for personal stuff.


Dunno, you can use their calculator to model options though.


Yeah, with AWS you have to be extremely careful because they meter *everything*. They are the new phone company.


That awkward moment when someone apparently thinks that the author of:

A Basic FidoNet(r) Technical Standard
Revision 16
Randy Bush, Pacific Systems Group
September 30, 1995


...what was the word?

A "newbie"?


- John

"newbie product" NEQ "newbie user"

well, i was once given a tee shirt which said

  "i may have helped build the information
   superhighway, but i can not drive a car" :slight_smile:

after work, a time which rarely occurs, we're all
end users. and if you're not concerned about
backup, ...


When I was working on carrier VoIP in the early days at Cisco, i was like "wait, why am i doing this? i don't even like phones."


I’m in the same boat, and sadly I still run VoIP for my house because why not…
I hate the canary in networking with a passion, but still I find it’s internal problems 99% of the time and I still have to deal with it.

The Internet is always the Internet. What others do with it for it to
add value to lives is a different thing.

Almost everyone can offer something as simple as a web-based e-mail
service. There aren't many companies that can offer a decent cloud
backup solution, for the price. Much in the same way we discuss the
limited number of VoD service providers on this list, for one reason or
another. Or equipment vendors. Or CDN providers. Or...

The Internet is pointless if we don't derive some utility from it. That
that utility is given a product name should not be seen as evil, until
that company comes on here to market it themselves, of course.


Same here.

We cut the PSTN line 3 years ago, and moved to VoIP. We hardly use it,
since we have cellphones, but indeed, why not?


Randy Bush
Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2020 9:10 PM

i backup using arq on macos catalina. on two macs, i need maybe 3-4tb


google seems to be $100/mo for 20tb (big jump from $100/yr for 2tb).
backblaze b2 looks more like $20/mo for 4tb ($0.005/gb/mo).
anyone else done a similar analysis?

Just out of curiosity, do you folks encrypt the data prior to upload to the
cloud (especially when uploading to folks like aws/google/ms/(facebook))?
Was wondering if these folks provide encryption of stored data - quick
google search suggests that google does not.


Personally, this is why I don't like to put my data in the cloud. Not
that they don't encrypt (or do)... it's just too much black art.

I'll still invest in hard drives and lock safes.

The most I've done with a cloud is iCloud - to sync. the phone book and
calendar between devices :-). Got no issue with losing that...