clec vs ilec, how do you know who's lying?

Hello everyone, not sure if this is off topic or not
since it is will be operational in nature if I can ever
get the service set up. :slight_smile: I'm having the pleasure, or
lack thereof, of ordering some data connectivity via a
very large clec which requires the ilec to provide the
local loops. Well we're about two months past the
estimated install completion and all I get from the clec
is continuous blame pointed at the ilec who has now
missed three install dates and in turn has wasted staff
time sitting there from 8 to 5 each of the days; assuming
they were really scheduled in the first place. I know the
two types of entities don't particularly like each other
but at this point how do I tell who's lying to me? I
have supposed work order numbers for the ilec but I don't
have any direct contact with them to see if they are
real numbers and if the disposition of the previous
work orders are what the clec has told me or if they are
messing things up themselves and trying to cover it up.




   It depends a little on what sort of "continuous blame" the CLEC
   is pointing at the ILEC... If the statement is that the ILEC fails
   to show up multiple times, then cancel with the CLEC and order
   elsewhere. As someone else pointed out, CLEC's are customers
   of the ILEC wholesale teams, and while a missed delivery date
   happens all the time, multiple missed dates on one order means
   that the CLEC isn't managing the process and escalating as needed.

   If the reason is due to a "lack of facilities" claim by the ILEC, then
   give the CLEC a specific date (which is about 15 days out) to achieve
   activation. The CLEC should have the ability to prioritize their LEC
   orders to get this in on time, or even to order expensive retail service,
   watch it get installed fast despite the supposed facility shortage, and
   then convert it to special access after the fact.

   CLEC's remain a great bargain but recognize that they're operating
   in a regulatory environment that has turned hostile. Long-term,
   CLEC's may not be able to provide any delivery certainty to customers
   not on their direct fiber plants...