CLEC lawfirm recommendations?

Hello NANOG'ers,

I hope this isn't too far off-topic:

I'm wondering, does anyone have any recommendations for a lawfirm
that will help a newbie through the process of becoming a CLEC? I
understand that it can take years, and am prepared for that.

Specifically in San Jose, California.

I'm trying to determine (by trial and error) the theoretical
minimum cost of running a tiny neighborhood FTTH +
very-short-range fixed-point wireless ISP for residences that
don't have fiber for no good reason at all.

Have gear, some funds, conflict-of-interest exception, and a
smidge of clue. Even have the first run of fiber already pulled
(via quickly-cancelled AT&T Dedicated Internet). Just need access and somewhere to put my gear on the
other end of the line. I think.


The team @ Inteserra are amazing.

Reach out to TOM
They have some nice programs to help spread the cost out as well

Marashlian and Donahue PLLC are good at CLEC applications (

Tom Forte should still be able to help you get started (he’s contracted sales now).

I saw him in Vegas last week, I didn’t think to get his new email address.