Class "B" IP BLOCK

There are peeps all over the East Coast, including Canada.

How are the "peeps" organized? Is "GweepCo" a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization?
Or are they a C-corp, S-corp, or Limited Liability Corporation which
has not yet obtained a DUNS number?

And what is the history behind their IP address assignment? Is the space

If you don't understand what gweeps have done for the community you
just haven't been invited to participate yet.

No, I understand and appreciate their contributions to the operational
community. At the same time, one can never be too vigilant. It's been
demonstrated repeatedly that the same people and providers we respect
on the surface are actively engaged in large-scale spamming and Internet
abuse behind closed doors. Please understand I'm not trying to single
out you, or any of the "gweeps" with whom you associate, in particular.

FWIW, jzp is looking into the Enteract concerns listed below.

Thanks for the timely response. And can we assume he's also looking
into the concerns of RCN-originated spam listed below, and will be posting
to NANAE or SPAM-L in the days to come with a detailed follow-up, including
punative action taken against the spamming marketeers and customers on
his network?

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