Class "B" forsale (fwd)

There are LAWs (not RFCs) stating that you cannot do this. Also, you have
signed papers (which undoubtedly you don't remember) which state that the
plates are owned by the state and you must return them upon request, are
non-transferrable, etc etc etc.

Did you sign any such contract when you got your IP addresses? Are there
any laws in your jurisdiction stating the ownership and appropriate use of
your addresses?

There is no workable analogy in this case because there are no contracts and
no laws regarding anything on the Net at this point. Until ARIN makes you
sign an acceptable-use agreement (and makes pre-1996 "owners" sign it too),
there can be no enforceable policy other than what the core router owners
decide. Routability determines address assignment far more definitively
than a NIC board room full of cigar smoke and $10k fees.

Stephen Sprunk