Cisco's AIP vs HSSI

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 09:46:23 -0400
From: (Padma Krishnaswamy)
To:, (Tim Salo)
Subject: Re: Cisco's AIP vs HSSI

One other point about the AIPs relative to the HSSI/DSU ; you may not be
interested in this feature , but the AIPs implement traffic shaping- ie You
can set Peak and Average rates and burst size; you could use this to
subrate your traffic -should you be in a situation where this is desirable.

That is my understanding.

I think that this is part of a some more general observations:

o The AIP card is a more intelligent card and can perform more
  functions today and is much more likely to perform more functions
  in the future.

o I suspect that few, if any, new ATM features will be added to the
  HSSI card.

Again, your router vendor should be telling you all of this.

I havent looked around to check out any new ADSU type products since mid 95,
but it used to be that you could not do this with an ADSU.

This is also my understanding. I thought I saw some work being done
on an enhanced DXI specification, (the interface between the router and
the ATM DSU), but I think that, for the most part, not much work is
being done with ATM DSU solutions today. ATM DSUs were largely
developed as a quick-to-market solution for adding ATM functionality
to routers, without the need for new router boards. Their time has passed.