Cisco withdrawal email propogation (was Re: withdrawal propagation)

Matt Ranney <> quoted E.E.Times

"So, the REAL problem isn't so much with Cisco routers, but with
Cisco's router users."

... I've discovered this odd problem with Cisco router users
who propogate unwanted emails about BGP withdrawals. Whilst
they claim there is no harm in doing so, and its not against
any group charters, spewing this random information out is
real *annoying*. Any chance someone could fix these users
so they don't keep spewing out this crap so I can keep my
NANOG logs clean please. :slight_smile:

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

If people insist on continuing to discuss this (not that I encourage it :-), might be more appropriate (yeah, I know Bill, it's
critical to the ongoing operations of the Internet and therefore
deserves discussion on the nanog list and the public has a right to know
blah blah).


It's amazing to read all you. CISCO is not bug free, espesually
in the modes their authors newer think about (16 ASYNC lines loaded
by local ISP at 40Kbit every, with BGP and FAIR QUEUERING, for example; no doubt
everybody can foung his own examples). But I can't found anybody who
have said what's real problem caused by this _withdrawaling_.