Cisco Vip Cards.

> > half an hour booting before it starts doing anything useful. Cisco is
> > apparently working on parallel booting, but AFAIK it isn't there yet.
> Hogwash!

Whoops, forgot to humor-caption that. :wink:

And Merry Christmas to you too.-)

Likewise. :slight_smile:

Checking my notes from the time, parallel/fast boot was supposed to go
into 11.1(8)CA, but I seem to recall it didn't make it. Good to know
it's there now, but which version is this?

Most code nowadays is synced to 11.1(13.5)CA, and has been synced to
at least 11.1(10)CA for a while. Microcode downloading enhancements
*were* commited to 11.1(8)CA, I believe. I believe that was