Cisco 'rsh' attacks?


Over the past few days, my Cisco logs have shown several attemps of folks
trying to rsh into my core routers.

These attempts seem to happen within a very brief period of time, and so
far there have been less than 8 attempts per 'attack' as if run by some
sort of script. Below is the output from the latest attempt. You can see
there were 4 attempts in 2 seconds. I'm a pretty fast typist, but I don't
think I could pull that off by hand.

Is this the 'next thing' we get to scramble about? Anyone else having
these? Are there any Cisco router related security holes relating to rsh
that these folks are trying to abuse?


I don't know of any Cisco 'rsh' security hole. I was able to trace the IP
you gave to a bbnplanet dial-up account. You might want to ask their
security people to get on top of this. They can look at the Ascend log
and detail file to determine who was this user. This would give you some
information to take to court incase this person becomes distructive.

Good luck