Cisco, Qwest, Cert, NIPC (was Re: Code Red -> Router Memory depletion? )

The Code Red traffic is starting to have a measureable impact on
global Internet traffic. The Internet Health Report (Keynote)
and the Internet Weather Report (Matrix) are showing packet loss
increasing and reachability decreasing throughout the afternoon.
Latency didn't start increasing until this evening.

Keynote is showing problems in QWEST's network, and Slashdot
is reporting that QWEST has widely deployed a version of the
Cisco 67x DSL router which is vulnerable to a HTTP data
corruption error caused byt the worm.

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CERT/CC and the National Information Protection Center issued
advisories today. I don't know at what time, since it hasn't
appeared in my e-mail yet. But it is available on the NIPC
and CERT/CC web sites.


Is there any evidence that the worm attacks are quasi
periodic ? I saw
waves of packet loss on vBNS to Columbia U. this afternoon in multicast, with
bad loss roughly every one minute out of 5 or so.
This happened much of the afternoon, and is pretty unusual.

                             Marshall Eubanks