I know there's quite a large community of people who use the Cisco ONS kit
(stuff like the 15454), so thought I'd see if there was interest in a
command line interface for the boxes - something a bit like Cisco IOS type
stuff, not like TL1 - for those people who can't use, or don't like, the
java interface.

I've been working on it for a while now, and have a fair amount of the simple
stuff implemented, e.g.:

THDO-0> show nodes
Node Name Type Version
--------- ---- -------
111NY-0 Cisco ONS 15454 03.30-002E-16.22
THDO-1 Cisco ONS 15454 03.30-002E-16.22

THDO-0> show interface brief
Interface Description Speed Con AdmnStatus OperStatus
--------- ----------- ----- --- ---------- ----------
sonet_5/1 to THLS1 OC48 Y ADMIN_UP OPER_UP
sonet_6/1 to THDO-TFM4-0 OC48 Y ADMIN_UP OPER_UP
sonet_13/1 to TVC1 OC48 Y ADMIN_UP OPER_UP

THDO-0> sh sdcc topology
Src Node Interface Dest Node Interface Speed
-------- --------- --------- --------- -----
111NY-0 sonet_12/1 THLS-0 sonet_6/1 OC48
THDO-1 sonet_5/1 MH-0 sonet_5/1 OC48

THDO-0> sh alarm
Feb 12 18:03:23: STS-5-25: %NSA-NR-AIS-P: Alarm Indication Signal - Path
Feb 12 18:04:26: STS-5-37: %NSA-NR-AIS-P: Alarm Indication Signal - Path
Feb 16 21:46:23: SYNC-NE: %NSA-NA-SSM-ST3: Stratum 3 Traceable

...and basic interface manipulation, loopbacks, enable, disable, etc.

So, anyway, I was just wondering if there was an interest in something like
this, which means I should spend some time packaging it up into something
that could be released into the wild, or not. Definitely very alpha quality
code at the moment, I've managed to cause 15454 nodes to reboot during testing,
etc, so don't get your hopes up yet, but I do currently use the code for
basic management of my 10 node SONET cloud.

Let me know...