Cisco Nexus vPC-VOIP Issues

Hello All,

Thank you all in advance.

We have connected two nexus 3048 Switches and two l2 Switches as below
using vPC and LACP.

We have not seen any issues apart from one of VOIP server connected to
Switch 1 has lost access to VOIP Server connected Switch 2 and vice versa.

Where I am able to ping both from Global. Can you please let me know what
is went wrong here.

[image: Inline image 2]


I cannot see any image in attachment.

If you can ping from outside and not between them, wild guess it's not a L2 pbm.

Are you able to see the arp of srv2 from srv1 ( and vice-versa )

Without more info ( or it's maybe on the image I cannot see ) I would look in ACL somewhere/firewall on srv


Hi Santosh

Likely it's disabled arp across broadcast (assuming both servers are on
same broadcast domain). One can comment on it after looking at config of
the port. I have seen similar case in some hosting providers who run shared
vlans across customers and they block direct traffic among those servers.
They usually put a static route of that pool towards gateway.

So e.g you have router on and server 1 on, server 2
on Now if direct layer 2 traffic is not allowed by tweaking
broadcast domain, then you can route traffic from say server 1
( needs to speak to server 2 ( then you can put static via Whether or not that's a good idea
depends heavily on the use case.

I hope this will help.