cisco nexus 9000 cctrl ERROR

I don't have a login to cisco to find out what this
is and I'm having trouble finding anything about it
in search engines that doesn't require a login to
cisco. I guess they only want certain folks to know
about it... :frowning: Does anyone know anything about this
and can explain it to me? If not, I'll go join
cisco-nsp and ask there.

%KERN-3-SYSTEM_MSG: [65292299.903992] - kernel

%KERN-3-SYSTEM_MSG: [66730914.839059] cctrl ERROR: cctrl_wait_for_pmbio_busy_status NACK error tmp_data 3b19600 - kernel

%KERN-3-SYSTEM_MSG: [67511639.312284] cctrl ERROR: cctrl_wait_for_pmbio_busy_status NACK error tmp_data 1b18100 - kernel

Those last numbers after tmp_data repeat over and over.


Anyone can create a Cisco login. I would do that and check the bug tracking tool. I did a quick search on your error message and came up with this:

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NXA-PDC-1100W-PI PSU fail log F0411,F0413 in N9K-C9336C-FX2


NXA-PDC-1100W-PI PSU will occur F0411.F0413 PSU fail log in N9K-C9336C-FX2.

F0411 Power supply failed
F0413 power supply missing

it is not real PSU fail, but only log issue.
in show system internal kernel messages. we can see NACK error on PSU sensor.

[1274386.802885] cctrl ERROR: cctrl_wait_for_pmbio_busy_status@ 35:NACK error tmp_data 0x3b58d00 mask = 0x80000000
[1274386.812815] cctrl ERROR: cctrl2_delay_pmbio_read@ 277:final busy wait check failed pid = 8701 (pfmclnt) cs_reg 0x270 win_id 0 dev_addr 0x5a off 0x8d
[1274386.812818] cctrl ERROR: cctrl2_delay_pmbio_read@ 278:write data 0x82b58d00 read data 0x82b58d00 tmp_maks 0x6ffff00 dlen = 2
[1274386.812822] CPU: 1 PID: 8701 Comm: pfmclnt Tainted: P W O #1
[1274386.812824] 0000000000000000 ffff88055cd37c18 ffffffff817ead67 00000000fffffffb
[1274386.812829] 0000000082b58d00 ffff88055cd37ca8 ffffffffc25ad00a 0000000000000002
[1274386.812832] 000000000000005a ffff88050000008d ffffffffc25a5c17 ffffc9001035c421
[1274386.812836] Call Trace:
[1274386.812844] [

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