Cisco Memory.


   I have to follow up on this comment you made. I work for an ISP in
Indianapolis called IHETS. We have 7 cisco 7500 series routers on our
backbone. Wre just spent a chunck of money to upgrade the RAM on them to
64Meg. If yoiu are saying that regular SIMMS work in Cicso routers, then I'll
shoot myself in the foot. I'd like to know if you have used this method and
how well it works out in the field. Does latency increase with *unqualified*
Cisco memory, or is the *unqualified* *qualified* Cisco ram stuff just a big
ruse? Thanks for your input.

I'd pay attention if they disqualify memory.

But we've found that standard x36 16mb 70pin (60ns) simms work fine in
7500s. I suspect it'd either work or not - you won't get added latency...


I have used 70ns with no prob, but good to go with 60ns to be safe.

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!

Sorry I was not able to make it to NANOG to present, but I wanted to
answer one question. Avi Freedman asked what would we do if a airplane
crashed into the side of the Atlanta-NAP. The Atlanta-NAP is at 230
Peachtree on the 5th floor. There are two buildings around this building
that go up to the 8th floor. If a airplane was to crash in the Atlanta-NAP
direction it would not hit our building. If it did hit the other side of
the building it may cut MCI metro fiber, but we have MFS and Bell South
fiber from two different sides and two different power feed to the 5th

Nathan Stratton CEO, NetRail, Inc. Tracking the future today!