Cisco ME3400

Anyone with advice on the ME3400 which some telcos use for Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) services? Specifically looking for layer2 vs layer 3. At Layer 2 NNI/UNI vs dot1q qinq vs private VLANs. At Layer 3 multiple VRF CE/PE support. Specifically which connectivity options have been found to be most reliable and scalable.

Checkout me3600/me3800 ngn metro boxes which supports service level/efp
configuration. Also commonly known as cisco's evc infrastructute currently
supported on 7600 with es+ cards and asr 9k.

I dont think there is any other box from cost prespective which supports
most of the desired metro features as me3600/3800 does.

You'll need to use a metroipaccess image on the me3400 if you want more
than 2 NNI interfaces. We don't do any triple play or ETTH services so I
can't speak on that but as a layer 2 customer prem device for Carrier
Ethernet services it works well and it's hard to beat the price. Would
have been great if it was MPLS capable at its current price point
though! It's functional as a Layer 3 switch but I don't think it is very
robust as a router. If you are not married to Cisco, the Brocade CES is
worth looking in to. MPLS capable across all Ethernet ports. More
expensive though.

Andy S