Cisco IOS12.0 x 11.1CC

Searching CCO for some keywords, I've found two interesting documents:

tells that IOS 11.1CC(17) was the basis for IOS 12.0(1). In other words, if
11.1CC(17) was good for you, 12.0(1) (and possibly 12.0(1a)) would also meet
your requirements.

tells that the IOS 11.1CC line will be replaced by IOS 12.0S. Cisco sources
indicate that 12.0(3)S will be the first public release, and 12.0(4)S would
be a better choice.

Does someone know the release date of 12.0(2)S ? I'm trying to estimate a
schedule for IOS 12.0(4)S deployment, based on release date of 12.0(2)S and
two increments of 7 weeks for each release.

Rubens Kuhl Jr.