Cisco in bed with the commies!

I always thought that this forum should be politically agnostic.

"Do not fear your friends. The worst they can do is to
betray you. Do not fear your enemies. The worst they can do
is to kill you. Fear the indifferent, for they let these evils

I would
hope that "religious" arguments be kept to ATM versus Gigabit Ethernet, and
not whether the US government should allow certain technologies (that, by
the way, encourage open and uncensored dialogue) to be exported to
different countries.

You missed the point of the original thread, didn't you? It was
about Bay entering partnership with _state_censorship_organization_.
Too much for "open and uncensored dialogue".

And nowhere i mentioned U.S. government in relation to this issue.

If Vadim wants to complain about the capitalistic system, let him go to

I do not complain about capitalist system. I simply think
there should be more in our lives than corporate greed.

And, yes, i'm sick and tired of ignoramuses who can't comprehend
plain English and keep putting words in my mouth.

Please keep flames off NANOG list. I'm not going to write
anything on that issue anyway. Dixi.