Cisco HFR

Interestingly the OC-768 card has a max transmit power of 5dB and is
short-range optics only.

The 300-pin-MSA for OC768 has a SR spec of TX 0..+3dBm, RX min -5dBm.
Dispersion is max 40ps/nm.

As far as I know there are no 2R or 3R
regeneration solutions for long haul 40Gb/s circuits, nor are there any
DWDM systems that can do 8, 16 or 32 40Gb/s wavelengths.

Incorrect. There are transponders that put a 40G signal in a 10G DWDM
optical system. (You have to move a step up from morse code to make the
side-bands fit..) And they atleast run in 80 chanel systems.


What is the range of this, how often do you need to amplify and regen the
40G signal compared to 10G? Can 10G optical amplifiers be used?