Cisco GSR, Gig Ethernet config?

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 15:19:55 -0800
From: John Haskins <>
Subject: Cisco GSR, Gig Ethernet config?

Our configuration: a GSR12008 with two interfaces, an OC12 ATM to
the WAN and a gig ethernet to the campus, serving as a border drain.

Does someone have real experience configuring this box with SFCs and
CSCs? Is a full switch fabric (3 SFCs) and second CSC required or
desirable for the gig ethernet interface to work? Could we expect to

Yes, in order to use the GE linecard you need to have the full switch
fabric installed. The second CSC is optional. Without it, the switch
fabric is non-redundant. With it, you have 1:4 redundancy, since the
CSC can back up either the CSC or any SFC.

support a second gig ethernet interface? So many questions!

When equipped with the full switch fabric, the 12008 is a 40Gb/s router.
Each slot has a 5Gb/s connection to the switch matrix.

Given that you are using one OC12 ATM linecard (1.2Gb/s total bandwidth)
and one GE linecard (2Gb/s total bandwidth), you're not pushing slot
limits or router limits. There's plenty of available capacity to
support a second GE linecard.