Cisco for dummies?

Actually, to cover everything the various flavors of IOS does, you would
probably need different nutshell books targeted at different audiences,
perhaps one for each flavor of IOS. (Enterprise, IBM, Desktop, ISP...) I
don't think too many people on this list would care about the SNA $%#^ that
Cisco-Blue does.


That's true enough. I was just told my a vendor that the Cisco 2501A
(ProLine) is actually inferior [performance-wise] to the Enterprise 2501.
Not that I have ever bought a 2501A, but it was nice to know.

Routing with only one protocol could cover its own book, so obviously
some topics will have to be left out. I am a big fan of tomes, however,
and wouldn't mind keeping a 5k page reference manual (with a killer
index) in my car if I knew that there was nothing missing.