Cisco Flash help needed

I've come across 2 CRCs so far - a 32 bit one used on the Class A cards,
and a 16 bit one used on the Class B cards. I've tried a standard crc32
routine (stolen from ssh), but it doesn't match the CRC reported by the
router. Is there anyone good at understanding CRC routines who can help me
reverse-engineer the cisco CRC, or perhaps does someone have some inside
information they would like to share?

After some suggestions from various people, I tried uploading a few test
files onto a Cisco and seeing how the CRCs worked out. It turns out it's
not a true CRC at all, but rather a variation on the TCP checksum

Please don't ask me for the code yet! I'll let the list know when it's

v0.1 of the code is now available (read only at the moment):



Hi all,
Anyone know if there's already something like this for NT? :slight_smile:
What exactly is the purpose anyway? Extra storage? If so, how fast can the labtop write/read to the flash? What is the biggest size of a flash anyone ever seen? I only saw 110M card before.
While we are on the subject, is there way to look at the source code of the cisco ios?

Kind Regards,