Cisco crapaganda (Modified by Jason Chambers)

Also, what about DoD Orange Book certification? Can this kind of
testing methodology be applied to routing systems as well, such as IOS?

I don't claim to fully understand Orange Book but it seems to
me that one of the essences of Open Source is the process of


To learn more about the Orange book, look here
The Orange Book Site -

In relation to the Orange Book,

There is a evaluation program available, named TPEP, links are below. Very interesting and intense.

Yes, routing systems \ IOS applies. See 1.3 TPEP Process Overview at

I chatted briefly with a fed @ Defcon about this program, specifically about work to make this achievement something [buzzword warning] "Critical Infrastructure" and the well known software manufacturers would look to engage in \ use. Maybe by way of public forums such as this is that accomplished. In labels we trust.