Does anyone out there have some valuable OID's for a Cisco CMTS?

The ones I am looking for are:
  Signal to Noise per upstream channel
  Cable Modem counts of all kinds
    connected / online

I opened a ticket through Cisco's help desk. I have a SmartNET contract for the unit, but they were not very helpful. The OIDs they suggested did not yield any useful data. ("0" when I know there are CMs connected, etc).

Thanks in advance.

Lorell Hathcock

Not that you wouldn't have looked already but at the moment too much information for me to consume I figured it would be worthwhile mentioning I case you didn't know or maybe others as well.

I've had some custom ones around in the past and if I can figure out where they are held I'll shoot them your way.

Hi Lorell,
    Here's ones that I used to use for DOCSIS 2 UBR's years ago. For the remote query table, you will obviously need to turn on remote query.

remote query table:

cable modem registrations:

if you don't have remote query capability, then you can load the cable modem ip from the registered list, and hit it with:


which gives you transmit power and SNR from the modem, which was all that I cared about tracking. I would keep historical logs of the values and graph over time - but never cleared it when the modem was returned and re-issued, which yielded interesting graphs as the modem moved from different plants over its lifetime.

For CMTS upstream errors, I graphed the following via MRTG:

and for SNR:

with %d being the ifindex of the upstream interface(s).

Your mileage may vary - this was from my toolsets for DOCSIS 1 and DOCSIS 2 environments, and I was out of the cable business when DOCSIS 3 became affordable for smaller operators, so never had to worry about updating tools.

Nikos Mouat

1. Did you get the MIB for the CMTS from the Cisco web site?

2. What did you see when you did a SNMPWALK of the device?

        Signal to Noise per upstream channel


        Cable Modem counts of all kinds
                connected / online

Not there if there are OIDs for `show cable modem docsis version summary`

I don't know of an OID that will say 'X number of modems online', if anyone does, please share.

What I currently do is take the walk of the above OID and get all that are a 6 and call that online modems.


Thanks all for your suggestions. I am now successfully graphing SNR for each upstream channel.

This is from some internal PHP thing that isn't very good (well, it's lovely actually.. the problem is that it uses a forking method to query everything and isn't that fast. I'm trying to rewrite it)

Throw any of these into google if you're confused about them. It should return the correct MIB (except for the Casa ones. I'm not sure how I found those but you can ignore them if you don't have any Casa CMTS)

'.' => 'macs',
'.' => 'ips',
'.' => 'rxpwr',
'.' => 'status', // genericstatus 0-7
'.' => 'snr',
'.' => 'dwnchnl', // this is actually upchannel ifindex
'.' => 'ifname',

         // this is probably for any Cisco Docsis3 CMTS
         if ($cmts['DeviceModel']['name'] == 'UBR7225VXR') {
             unset($oids['.']); // remove dwnchnl, we'll get that from SNR
             $oids['.'] = 'snr';

         switch ($cmts['DeviceType']['name']) {
             case 'cisco':
               '.' => 'status2', // cisco specific status cdxCmtsCmStatusValue
               '.' => 'flapcount',
               '.' => 'flaptime'

             case 'Casa':
                       '.' => 'status3', // casa specific status (totally different values from cisco)
                       '.' => 'flaptime',
                       '.' => 'flapcount'