Cisco ASR router performance specs

Hi all,
Could you point me into the right direction, please, on where one would
find different performance ratings for Cisco routers other than talking to
my SE (who is on PTO right now).
My understanding is that Cisco does not publish this info. How do folks
research that kind of stuff?
For example, right now I want to find out how many DMVPN tunnels a given
model of an ASR will support and what kind of throughput I can count on
with that enabled.

Thanks in advance for answers


Here's what I always refer too

It's close. I don't think the testing incorporates a lot of services
in use on the routers, however.

For max interfaces, read up on this:

I can tell you we have a couple ASR's pushing around 100Mbps running
VRF, BGP, bunch of ACL's and prefix lists and they are pretty much
idle. Traffic pattern is mostly SIP and RTP traffic (lots of small