Cisco as Big Brother (Was Re: Cisco's AIP vs HSSI)

In message <>, "Joe Rhett" writ

   But you can't get one engineer to hack something into the router
   code for you on just his say-so anymore. But once you could. I dunno
   maybe you still can, but I think you have to have megabucks behind
   you to do it.

Yes, you can, but you have to do it under the table and via direct
contacts. And a bottle of cask strength single malt will help. :wink:

You know, I find it hard to think of this as a feature - especially
given the number of times the "quick hack" broke something else. And
it's always missing the next release of the software.

It takes an Act of God to get Bay to release a fix - but it works when
they release it, and it works in the next full release too.

I know of a bunch of very useful things that originated this
way that are in production code on my cisco boxes now. If
sprint had been in a situtation where they need a new feature X
in order to make the network run at all, because no one
had designed they network to grow like it did, I'd hate to have
bought Bay and not be able to get a timely fix.

I would definately ask my router vendor hard questions about
how quickly a fix will be released assuming I have a "network down"