Cisco announces it will no longer publishing The Internet Protocol Journal

Another one bites the dust. Received the below this AM. Hopefully, something similar finds it's way into an electronic format.


At this time, Cisco Systems, Inc. has decided not to continue publishing The Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ) effective immediately.

Cisco wishes to thank Ole Jacobsen, the Editor and Publisher of IPJ for his tireless and professional efforts to inform the community of the Internet, its varied protocols, and its impact upon the world through this publication. Cisco also wishes to thank the authors of the published articles, and all those who submitted articles. A special note of thanks goes to the IPJ Editorial Advisory Board and the article reviewers who have helped to maintain the very high standards of journalistic and technical quality of IPJ.

The online version of the Internet Protocol Journal will remain available for reference, including all back issues in PDF and HTML format as well as the index files. The IPJ website remains at:

Courtney Smith

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While Cisco won¹t solely publish it, I¹d call it too soon to say it is
dead. :wink: Ole (copied) is a pretty resourceful guy and is working on ways
to keep it going. Ping him 1:1 if you would like more info or like to help.


Ole is not with Cisco anymore.