Cisco and the tobacco industry

Re: Cisco and the tobacco industry

But it looks as if Cisco actually did this, and you (and Geo) just
weren't part of the elite circle of operators whose networks are
considered U.S. national critical infrastructure.

Did they already do this? Highly doubtful hence Mr. Lyns resignation
and decision to go public with his disclosure which brought forth
Cisco's move to quash what he had to say via legal threats.

When you state "Cisco already did this" what have they done other
than tell someone to "shut up we're Cisco and we'll bury you with
legal bills". They've done nothing but obscure the fact that they have
issues with their IOS they don't want disclosed.

Company News
07/28/2005 9:30AM Cisco Systems gets pwned at Blackhat Briefings file
lawsuit to cover up swiss cheese-like holes