CIsco 7206VXR w/NPE-G1 Question

I am looking at upgrading my current 7507 backbone routers. Each of my
routers has dual RSP4s and I was thinking of upgrading them to RSP8s
when I started reading about the new 7206VXRs with the NPE-G1 engine.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this router/engine
combination, how well they perform in comparison to the RSP8s and
actual total traffic capabilities when utilizing all three gig ports
with a mixture of OC3, Gig and DS3 connections as well.

These will be backbone routers connected to a total of 6 upstream
providers, so we will be carrying full BGP tables on each of them as

Just looking for a real world (as opposed to marketing) performance
capabilities and any horror stories (if any).