Cisco 6509/6513 cable management...

Do any of our fellow nanog members have experience with cable

management on

6509/6513 cisco switches? We're upgrading infrastructure in some of


facilities,.. and until it came to cable management, the switches

seemed to

be a great idea... 8 48port blades.. pose a challenge.. or a


Pictures are welcomed... off-list contact would be great.


If you can choose your rack equipment, you should look at Ortronics
Might Mo 10. It is very stable and has plenty of cable management
options. They are kind of a cross between a two post and a cabinet.
Basicaly the side cannel is 16.25 inces deep. Unfortunatly, the 6500 has
slot spacing that doesn't line up with rack U's so most cable management
will not work perfectly. The Might Mo can handle the density but make
sure you use the largest vertical channels you have room for. You
probably are not interested in doors but in locations where this is
desired, the doors over the vertical channels hinge both wasy and remove
easier than anything I've seen.

You probably want to look at the air baffles since the 6509/6513 have
right to left airflow rather than front to back. One fo the features in
the Mighty Mo 10 is the ventilated side channels and available baffles.
The airflow can actualy be one of your biggest challenges if you have
6509/6513's in adjacent cabinets. The warm air from one can blow into
the input of the switch to the left.

You could also look at using the WS-C6509-V-E chassis with front to back
airflow and built in cable management.

Brian Dantzig
Senior Network Engineer
Medline Industries, Inc.

Let me 2nd the mighty mo! We went with them, and had our cabling
contractor pre-wire the switch faces to patch panels. They're really
nice--probably the nicest rack system I've worked with.

In the photo
the first 2 racks with black patches are for patching switch ports to
racks. The Ciscos are in the 3rd and 4th racks.

One of the things we did that worked out very nice was on the
switch/rack patch panel, we interspersed switch ports and rack ports
every 2U. This means that we can often patch servers to switch ports
with a 2 or 3' cable, which really minimizes the amount of extra cable
running up and down patch panels.

I've got a bunch of other photos at:

I'll give a hearty second to prewired patch panels. Even with the best
cable management systems, patching directly into the switch is likely to
eventually get messy. At least with the patch panels, even if cabling
there gets messy for any reason, the front of the switches stay nice and
clean, which makes a huge difference if you ever have a line card swap.