Cisco 12000 series routers and IOS XR.

Is anyone on the list running the Cisco 12000 Series routers with XR? We
have a couple of these in our network and are having a few issues with them.

Specifically the line cards will reboot for some unknown reason
(12000-SIP-501). We recently replaced one of the cards and the new hardware
(<6mo old) is doing the same thing.

Anyone have issues with these routers?

We have 2 12k's on our borders and both are running IOS GS code, but are
rock solid.


We also have a couple running full tables of BGP with XR code and they have
been running solid for a couple of years now with no problems.

What release are you running? We are currently at 3.6.2 (as recommended by
Cisco (our SE and some upper levels)).


We converted our entire 12K backbone to IOS XR, it was painful but
Its been relatively stable since. Haven't seen any issues like this.
What SPA are you using?



What release ox XR are you on? We had the 12000-SIP-501 in both 12ks but
juet RMAed one of them and receive a 12000-SIP-601. The SPA-5X1Ge remain the

What hardware are you running? If I may ask, what do you mean by "painful".
Our experience with the 12000 (running ISO XR day one) has been quite an
exercise in frustration.

NAME: "0/0/CPU0", DESCR: "Cisco 12000 Series SPA Interface Processor- 501"
PID: 12000-SIP-501

NAME: "0/0/0", DESCR: "5-port 1 GbE Shared Port Adapter"